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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I posted on my page. I’m so sorry!! Lately I haven’t had as much free time to read, let alone write a review. But I’m trying to balance out my time better so I will be able to enjoy and do all the things I love.

After Delirium I took a small break from reading and focused on work and studies. About a week ago I went out and I bought the book: Beautiful Creatures. I had heard it was being made into a film and I knew I just had to have it. The back of the book was compelling and Melissa Marr as well as Cassandra Clare gave it rave reviews. At this point i was sold.

I brought the book home and I read it instantly. After the relationship between Ethan and Lena started to evolve, I got so bored. I thought this book so was so boring and really immature for my tastes. I starting to think Teen Fiction isn’t something I can read anymore. I doesn’t interest me as much as others.

I had extremely high hopes for this book and it let me down. Definitely not a favourite. The writing itself was fine. The characters were just boring and the over all storyline was nothing to write home about.

The quote at the top of the back of the book that reads “Give this to fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight or HBO’s True Blood series.” Was seriously over sold. It has nothing to do with the storyline of Twilight and True Blood. Its a completely different storyline altogether!

In any case. This book was not pleasing as well. But this review wasn’t all I wanted to writed about today. I need your guys’s help in picking out my next read. I have three books to choose from and I can’t decide which one to start with. Which ever one gets the most votes wins!

1) Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

2) Switched by Amanda Hocking

3) Eve by Anna Carey

What did you think of Beautiful Creatures? And what book do you think I should read next?

Tumblr still won’t let me post pictures. When I go to scroll up to edit it won’t let me :( Lame. But anyways, here is the cover for Delirium!

Tumblr still won’t let me post pictures. When I go to scroll up to edit it won’t let me :( Lame. But anyways, here is the cover for Delirium!

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

I finished this book a few days ago. It was actually kind of hard for me to get through once I was told how it ended! GOSH PEOPLE! A few people at work had read the book before and felt compelled to tell me the ending which of course-ruined the whole thing!

I definitely liked this book more than I did The Maze Runner. I liked the romance somewhat laced through it and the over all storyline. That being said, like the Maze Runner, I didn’t enjoy the book.

I’m not into these dystopian novels. I bought a few a loooonnnngggg time ago thinking I would like them after Elle Fowler’s rave reviews but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Again the writing was excellent. The story was awesome (if you’re into dystopian novels) I can appreciate Delirium as a whole, it just isn’t my style.

I recommend this book to dystopian lovers, absolutely. But if you’re like me and prefer the werewolf/supernatural type of novels then I don’t recommend this at all. I am glad I have read Delirium and The Maze Runner they have their place.

Another confusing review I know. Sorry.

What did you guys think of Delirium??

Sorry I wanted to post this with my book review but for some reason Tumblr wouldn’t let me. This is the cover for The Maze Runner!

Sorry I wanted to post this with my book review but for some reason Tumblr wouldn’t let me. This is the cover for The Maze Runner!

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Oh my gosh it has been forever since I posted a book review or anything for that matter! Life has been so crazy and busy lately. I honestly forgot all about Tumblr. I’m sorry :)

The Maze Runner is a book I started months ago and then stopped for months. Then I started reading it again but only on my breaks at work so I would have book to last me awhile. Not to mention my nights were reserved for homework.

Over all review of The Maze Runner: Not my kind of read. I honestly picked up the book because Elle Fowler (AllThatGlitters21) on YouTube had recommended it a long time ago. I was looking for a new series to read, so I figured, why not? The writing was fine, the storyline was fine. The book itself was a decent read. It just wasn’t my style. I guess I’m not really into these dystopian worlds. I like my werewolves, vampires and romance. But if I had to judge the book based on the writing itself, I would it give it 5/5. James Dashner did an amazing job at making The Maze Runner world very realistic. He captured emotions well and there were times where I felt I was a part of the book.

If you are into dystopian worlds then I totally recommend this book. It’s just not the type of read I am into.

Sorry if that was a confusing review. I’m out of practice lol! Hopefully I will keep on track with my posts whether it be a book review or just an update. I miss Tumblr and my readers!!

Thanks for standing by me during this hiatus!!

What did you think of The Maze Runner?


If you had asked me three years ago, “Vampire or Werewolf?” hands down I would have said “Vampire”. I was totally into the Edward Cullen phase and that was right when I started getting into books a lot, especially the supernatural variety. I was all about the vamps from the Vampire Diaries books and Vampire Kisses (Although I’m not a fan of the books anymore, I did appreciate them when I was younger).

Since falling in love with Kelley Armstrong’s writing, I have turned my attention to werewolves. At first I thought it was kind of gross to find werewolves hot because it was like looking at your dog and being turned on. Gross right? That was all i could think about. But now, obviously, that is not the case. I am in love with werewolves and have less interest in vampire. Unless Richelle Mead is writing the book LOL.

Now that Kelley Armstrong has, at least for now, stopped writing her Otherworld series, I have to wait once a year for her Darkest Powers books. I need something to tie me over in the mean time.

This post boils down to one question: Do you have any werewolf books that you absolutely love and of course involve a little romance? If you do, let me know and comment on this post! It would be greatly appreciated!!

In the mean time I am reading The Maze Runner. I’m trying to get into it, and for right now, it’s not as horrible as I thought it would be. I will be doing a review ASAP.

So let me know, what are some of your favourite werewolf novels?

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

Finally finished this book. I have been bringing it to work to read on my lunch breaks and then near the end I couldn’t resist reading it before bed. I finished it last night at like one in the morning. It was definitely the best in the series.

I love that you got to see a lot of relationships flourish. I love Simon and Isabelle! I want them to just admit to each other that they’re in love for goodness sakes! Magnus and Alec are so freaking adorable. I almost cried at the end! Their love is too strong to end this way!!!

Clary and Jace were together but not together in this book. I kind of liked it anyways. I didn’t think I would because I was pissed how, yet again, they couldn’t be together. I think Cassandra is setting herself up for disaster. When Clary and Jace finally get to be together in the final book she better make it mind blowing or else she will ruin the entire series.

I do have on question, what is up with Cassandra Clare’s obsession with insest? It’s like she enjoys having her characters make out with their siblings (even if one turned out to not actually be related to her) it’s just gross.

Over all, I enjoyed this book the most. I hope Cassandra doesn’t dissapoint with the last novel. She had two years to write it. It better be damn epic!

What did you guys think of City of Lost Souls?

Why the Hate?

Okay I got so many mean private messages about my food diary. Sorry, but I won’t be posting them. I don’t need this hate. It was worth a shot, but I guess I will make the food diaries for myself in my notebook.

Food/Exercise Diary #1


  • Breakfast

>1% Milk

>Lucky Charms & Frootloops

  • Lunch

>Coffee Pastry

>Fruit Smoothie

  • Dinner


Okay so clearly this wasn’t a healthy day. I didn’t eat vegetables or even fruit. Everything was full of fat, sugar, and carbs. I hope tomorrow I do better. Baby steps right.



Today I was too sore from doing my workout video yesterday for the first time in two months. I won’t be able to fit my workout in for two days :( I will be able to on Friday and then Sunday and hopefully the following week will be fine. With school coming up and working, it will be difficult to find time, but I will work it in whenever I can!

Day one of diary: Complete.

Making Some Changes

If you read my blog then you know my last two posts were of the serious variety. I started falling and I had some trouble grabbing onto something to keep myself from hitting rock bottom. But lately I’ve grown frustrated with myself for just getting depressed about every little thing, taking everything too seriously, and not forgiving myself. So I’ve decided to make some changes.

One of the more serious topics I have talked about on this blog is my anxiety, along with my weight. Both are not phenominal and I wish to change them. Near the end of May and little into June, I started working out like crazy. Well every day I did this 30 Day Shred video by Jillian Michaels and okay, that’s not a crazy workout per say, but it was for me since my workout before consisted of getting up to get more cake.

The workout DVD made me feel better, more accomplished and healthier. I didn’t lose a tremendous amount of weight because I only stuck with it for a little over two weeks. Now I’m ready to go back at it. I want to whip my ass into shape before Christmas.

There isn’t much I can do in making myself think differently, but there are some stuff I can do to boost my confidence and change my life to a degree. For now I’m not going to dwell on the serious stuff and instead I’m going to change what I can.

Starting with getting healthy and workingout.

Every day I am going to post on my blog whether I worked out that day and a log of what I ate. Granted, I am not the healthiest eater, so no hate like last time. This is a change that will take some time and I will get better, just bare with. At least I’m trying right?