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Writing Prologues

My story needs a prologue and I can’t seem to write without. I sit in front of my computer screen hoping the words will flow from my fingers to the key board, but alas, I just get bored and go on Facebook. I have an idea for a book and I really want to write it out, but for some reason my mind won’t process without the prologue down and I have nothing to write for the prologue. So frustrating.

Do you guys have any tips on how to write a prologue? I could really use some help.

What parts of a story do you have a hard time writing?

The post still won’t let me put pictures on. So here is the book cover of Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

The post still won’t let me put pictures on. So here is the book cover of Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead (Spoilers)

I finally finished it!!

Oh my goodness I am swooning to the max! I loved this book and it’s pretty obvious as to why (If you read it). It my blog post about Golden Lily I said I wasn’t too upset with the ending and this was true. A lot of people were angry that Adrian and Sydney didn’t end up together, and yet, I found it fitting. The moment didn’t call for romance to me and felt Richelle wrote that perfectly. It played right into the character of Sydney.

For Indigo Spell you delve more into the magic end of Sydney’s life and you watch her explore this whole new and yet old world. I enjoyed watching her break a few rules and let loose a little bit, but that part I love the most, Richelle never changed the character. It is so easy to take a quiet smart girl and ultimately decide she needs to be more interesting and throw her into situations polar opposite to her mentality. But Richelle still managed to keep Sydney, Sydney. I enjoyed the emotional, crazy, caffinated ride.

Now Adrian. Don’t we all just love that aura reading spirit user? One of things I love about Adrian is he isn’t Dimitri. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Dimitri and Rose they are fantastic, but I like how Adrian is his own person and that Richelle didn’t pull any of the stuff we loved about Dimitri into Adrian so that she was sure we’d all fall in love again. Does this make sense to you? Perhaps making a blog post/book review while battling a stomach virus wasn’t the smartest idea I have ever had, but hopefully your pick up what I’m putting down.

Sydney and Adrian are perfect for each other. They are so opposite they’re the same. Adrian reminds Sydney to live a little whereas Sydney shows Adrian how to stay grounded and have goals. They balance and it’s quite remarkable.

I have such adoration for Richelle Mead and the way she can make me feel what a character feels. Much like my favourite author Kelley Armstrong, I constantly feel like I’m a part of the adventure. I feel the fear, happiness, anger, and love as if it were my own. Am I crazy? Most likely. But I’m okay with it, blame it on spirit madness.

Over all I absolutely loved Indigo Spell. I can’t wait to read the next book!!!

What did you guys think of Indigo Spell??

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

I FINISHED A BOOK! It has been so long since I would type those words. And honestly, it took me forever to read this book. Not that it was or anything, I just lacked the time and dedication (unfortunately).

I have finals next week so I knew I had to finish this book ASAP so I would study and not pick it up instead.

Finale is the final book in the Hush, Hush saga by Becca Fitzpatrick. I believe I did reviews on the other books as well at some point. In any case, here is my review of Finale.

I loved it! There were some parts in which the book became predictable, but I think it’s really hard to avoid that when writing a supernatural novel. Over all the book was really good. I enjoyed the storyline and the character development a lot! Needless to say, I’m in love with Patch :)

I found myself yelling at this book and at the same time I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what happened next. I had to know how Nora was going to save the Nephilim race!!

Many, huge, storylines are revealed and characters are more exposed than ever. If you read the previous books in the Hush, Hush saga, I definitely recommend you finish the series!!! I think Becca Fitzpatrick did a wonderful job and by the end of the book you will love and hate it at the same time. Want to know what I mean? Then read the book!!!

Have you read Finale?


I want your guy’s opinion. Lately I have been think about taking my blog and making it more of a vlog. Of course I would still write a ton, but I’d also post videos of me reviewing books, talking about my life, and sharing my every day with you guys (every day is a slight exaggeration, but you get where I’m coming from right??)

A few years back I had wanted to create a YouTube channel. This was going to be more about my anxiety then the book end of things. But back then I didn’t have the confidence to make the videos and put them on the internet. However, lately, I have been considering doing this. I thought it would make this a lot more personal and possibly a little more fun.

If I did the videos they would be the same as my blog. I would review books, talk about my anxiety, talk about TV series, diets, life in general basically. I would want you guys to private message me and maybe I would answer questions or do a review on a book you suggest and so on. I want 2013 to be bigger and better and I think this would be the perfect direction in which to go.

Now if I did this, I would post the videos on my Tumblr, not on a YouTube account. However, I hope that I will make them YouTube quality videos.

If you guys are interested in this idea, message me or comment on this post! I think this could be something interesting!

Writing, Reading, and All That Fun Stuff

The last time I wrote???? Can’t even remember. Sad isn’t it? I used to write basically every day. I lived and breathed writing and reading and now I haven’t read or written in days and months. I haven’t had the time. It really sucks that I’m either at school or at work or doing homework or fitting in time with the family. My dreams and passions are on the back burner because reality is kicking my ass.

I miss sitting by the fire with my cup of tea (although I have turned into more of a coffee drinker lately thanks to homework overload) and reading a book. I miss those few hours of adventure whether it was supernatural, love or a thrilling story. I miss the escape of my life into another totally unlike my own. I miss writing dialogue and getting frustrated so I start all over again from scratch. I miss writers block and staring at the computer screen until my eyes turn red and burn.

When people ask me, “Why are you taking business in school?” I always respond with, “I want to open my own cafe/bookstore and showcase my best selling novel. I am no where near my dream. In fact it’s so far away I can’t even make it out in the distance. It’s past the hill and I have barely started to climb.

So the reason for this post wasn’t to complain (well completely anyways). It was to set a goal. I have my new years resolutions up, and I believe writing more was one of them (If not I will add it). In any case, in order to acheive my goal here is what I am going to do. Any point in the day, anytime I have free time, I will write or read for one hour. No day will pass without me reading or writing for one hour. I owe it to myself and my dream to own my art and grow with it and I can’t do that if I never try.

In order to hold myself to this. I will post either page numbers of a book or amount of words in story I write each day to prove that I have done something to help acheive my dream.

Sorry for not posting as much but hopefully that will change as well. We’ll see how crazy things get.

What is your dream? And what are you doing in order to acheive it?

My Biggest Flaw

We all have flaws, some more prominent than others. But truly, none of us are flawless.

I have several flaws. Some of them I like and others not so much. Not all flaws are to be hated, but better understood.

My greatest flaw is I wait for everyone to do things for me rather than doing it myself. I wait for people to give me answers before instead of searching for them myself. I wait for people to give me a chance before giving them a chance first. I’m constantly waiting in life for people and I hate it. It’s time I grow up, grow a pair, and learn to take care of myself. I need to make my own mistakes and not blame other people.

This year I plan to be more independent, organized, and outgoing.

What is your biggest flaw?

Happy New Years!


  1. Make more friends (I’m too shy, I need to branch out)
  2. Make unforgettable moments
  3. Make a huge change in my life for the better
  4. Stick to a diet (Who doesn’t put this on their list?)
  5. Better manage my money (AKA save!)
  6. Graduated from my BSSP (College course)
  7. Get my N (Cause yes I did pass my L test!!!)
  8. Ask out my crush
  9. Be more open to new possibilities
  10. Finish the first draft of my very own novel

So Sick!

So my cold took an awful turn last night. I’m sick and I’m sick of it.

Today I was supposed to go to my Aunt’s for Boxing Day (I know it’s the day after boxing day but she always has her party on the 27th instead of the 26th). Anyways I was supposed to go today but I woke up feeling so lousy I could barely get out of bed. I think I have a sinus infection. My chest hurts from coughing my lungs out and my throat burns so bad!

Thankfully I got to see my Aunt and the rest of my family on Christmas, so it’s not a huge deal that I missed today. Still, I would have liked to have gone. I also missed work today and that always makes me feel guilty. I hate missing work. I hate losing money if we’re being honest lol.

I’m hoping this cold will pass or at least be a lot better tomorrow. I have to work in the morning and then in the afternoon I am taking my L test. Hopefully all goes well, I’ve been studying like crazy!

Anyways this post is mainly a complaint since my family isn’t here to complain to. They all went to my Aunt’s house. On the upside, I have been watching season one of True Blood all day and drinking tea. That’s been quite nice, but I think I would rather be healthy.

I’ll talk to you guys later, hopefully tomorrow I will post something more uplifting, like passing my L test.

How are you guys lately?

Where the Hell Have You Been?

Well, I wish I could say that I was travelling the world or living out my life long dreams, but sadly no. Instead I have been working my ass off with school and work. I haven’t had the time to blog. With that being said…I’M BACK!

I miss writing on Tumblr so bad!! I love telling you guys about the books I am reading and getting your feedback. I love telling you personal stuff about my anxiety and getting your input. I love just talking to you guys and I miss it. So I have decided to make to blog. I mean how long does it really take to type a few words?

Here’s a super quick and breif update:

One: I have been working full time for the past 7 months as a cashier at a depmartment store. So far I like my job. The customers could be friendlier and the pay could be better. But aside from that, can’t really complain.

Two: I’ve been going to school since September. I am currently enrolled in a business support specialist program that gives the first steps to my bachelors degree in business.

Three: I haven’t been reading as much :( GASP! I know. But the books I have read recently are: Nightshade, Eve, An Abundance of Katherines, and actually I think that is it since my Beautiful Creatures post.

Four: TV shows I am obsessed with at the moment (Underemployed, Arrested Development (I got Netflix), Vampire Diares, Nikita, Supernatural, True Blood, Rookie Blue, Criminal Minds) Note most of these shows aren’t new favourites, I just happen to be really into them again after a hiatus of studying too much.

Five: My new obsession with Bath and Body Works candles. Cinnamon sugar donut? Need I say more?

Six: No I am no longer vegan. I have been eating meat and dairy for over three or four months now.

Seven: Merry Christmas!! I got a Kobo for Christmas!!! I am so happy. No this will not replace books in my life. I also happen to get seven books for christmas as well. I just don’t like lugging around heavy books all the time so I like the kobo in my purse for work and school. What did you get for Christmas?

Eight: License. Oh my God. Okay I am nineteen years old and I don’t have my license. I had my L before but I let it expire and I still haven’t renewed it because I have to retake the test. :( I plan to do this on Friday after work, so hopefully there will be a post about me getting my L in the near future. (In Canada you have to have your L for a year before your N but since I already had my L for a year, I get to take my N whenever after my L retest. I don’t have to wait an additional year!)

Nine: I’m sick. Ew. It seems like I have been getting sick a lot lately. I don’t know why exactly. Actually, that’s a lie. I eat shit and don’t work out. But I prefer to live in denial.

Lastly the Tenth Update: New Years Resolutions. I plan to make some this year. I think I may have last year as well. Since I don’t remember, I doubt I followed through. In the next few days there will be a post about my New Years Resolutions! We can help each other keep them.

That’s it for updates. At least of what I can think of.

My chanel is pretty much staying the same. I plan to do a ton of book reviews and updates. I want to get on a schedule too like once a week update posts or every Tuesday a book review. Something like that. Let me know of your ideas and tell me what you’re reading lately. Let’s talk, gossip and get back to the old times like no time has past. I miss you guys! Thanks for sticking around :)